Email Counselling

    Email counselling entails a counselling relationship that occurs via email correspondence, and can be useful
    when circumsances prevent you from being able to attend regular face-to-face counselling.

    Email counselling is not a substitute for intensive psychotherapy which requires a face-to-face relationship, but
    does offer a convenient way to recieve support from a trained professional.

    If you would like to go ahead with email counselling I will ask you to complete a terms and conditions form.
    When I have recieved payment you are then free to email me with your full counselling email, and I will spend
    at least an hour reading and responding to your email with feedback and a therapeutic response.

   Fees for Email Counselling 

    The cost is £22.50 for each email recieved and responded to (within the contract of email counselling).
    Payment for email counselling is done via BACS transfer, and when you complete the terms and conditions form for
    email counselling I will provide details for this.

    Please contact me using the 'contact' page for more information or if you are interesting in email counselling.