Employment Assistance  Programmes  
    Mental health issues account for a significant proportion of employee sickness and absence rates, and personal difficulties often
    impact career and role performance at work.  

    Employment assistance programmes therefore recognise the difficulties and interests of the employer and employee, and aim to
    assist people in work feel supported and more able to cope with the demands they are facing.
    Counselling provides a confidential setting in which staff can be supported. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based
    therapy which can help people to identify unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour, and address situations differently.

    Employment assistance services include:
  •  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - 6 session course of CBT, addressing unhelpful thinking & behaviour patterns and coping capacities 
  •  Coaching - helping people prioritise important goals and overome barriers to wellbeing
  •  Individual assessments - assessment of difficulties, mental health needs and treatment or support recommendations
  •  Stress reduction and anxiety management – mindfulness and relaxation-based courses to manage forms of stress and anxiety
  •  Post-incident support - support and psychoeducation about possible individual responses to harmful and traumatic experiences
   Fees for Employment Assistance Programmes
    Initial assessment: £45
    A block of six sessions can be booked for £270